Follow Friday: Nudie Jeans

“We love jeans, a passion we share with everyone who mourns a pair of worn out jeans as a close friend. Jeans share the same soul and attitude as music. The inspiration springs from the same dreams. Besides denim, only leather has the ability to age so beautifully formed by its user into a second skin. Your jeans live your lifestyle. The longer you wear them, the more character and attitude they get.”

If there is one brand that is absolutely passionate about denim, it’s Nudie Jeans. Through every channel and means, they are defining the looks, explaining different fits, and educating on how to break in and care for your jeans.



Their blog The Naked Truth has a distinctive personality – a collection of exciting people living in their Nudie jeans. Stories range from storefront details to journeys through South Africa. It is also a medium used to educate; for example, they explain why it is good to know how many ounces your jeans weigh.


Their Moodboard is a vision and perspective on indigo, denim and the culture surrounding it. A single picture, seen on its own won’t say much, but seen as a quilt, these photos tell a story. It’s their approach to each new collection.


Their Instagram @nudiejeans is an artful showcase of their variety of jeans and how they pair.


Follow them on any of these channels, and check out our Nudie Jeans collection here to start your denim journey.