“A Brand is Only as Good as The Quality Of its Products."


“A brand is only as good as the quality of its products.”

 Arc’teryx was inspired by building the right gear for the environment the company is in. It is a Canadian based company, which was founded by Dave Lane in North Vancouver, British Colombia in 1989. Arc'teryx is all about reacting to where they are in the moment.

With their partner from a global materials science company ‘W.L Gore’ is the reason Arc’tyrex is able to craft the world’s best outerwear. With such focus on ways to reduce environmental impact Arc’tyrex will continue to build their gear using extreme durability and responsible resourcing. The in-house manufacturing allows for them to build the brand the right way.


In house manufacturing

The Arc’tyrex goal is to enable a person to be engaged in the particular time, despite the external conditions.

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