Belstaff: Here Be Dragons

Belstaff’s campaign for AW’16 is rooted in the idea of venturing freely into the unknown – experiencing situations and places where they can break boundaries and grow as a person. 

‘Here be dragons’ was used when
to mark unknown dangerous territories
do so wearing Belstaff. 

However the warning is delivered, linguistically or pictorially, the reaction to the phrase demonstrates that there are two kinds of people in this world. Those who think: 'Best stay away from there then, and settle for the quiet life,' and those for whom it means only one thing: 'Let's go, now.' Belstaff has always been the clothing of choice for the latter category. Tough and dependable because the brand was forged in bad weather, in harsh landscapes, at high speed, in dangerous winds, on the racetrack, in the air, at the edge and the top of the world - yet timeless because great design and clever engineering do not age. 

Belstaff is a byword for exploring the unknown, for grit and determination, for attracting the sort of person who would rather choose adventure over indolence, speed over sloth, and the authentic over the ordinary. Not everyone who wears Belstaff will blaze trails, conquer new heights or discover what life on the edge is really like, but every item in the company's range comes with that heritage as an integral part of its make-up. Here be dragons? Bring them on.

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