Classic Silhouette, Modern Finishes

The blazer was once a stiff image of formality and business: strong shoulders, sharp lapels, and structured fabrications. Today, though the silhouette is still very refined, subtle changes have shifted it to be a more modern, wearable piece.


Every gentleman’s wardrobe should have a classic suit jacket. When worn with the matching trousers, the result is composed and polished. Subtle prints like thin stripes or tonal check are modern touches to alleviate the outdated, serious vibe. 



As a separate, the blazer is often worn as a light jacket. The structure will elevate your look, whether it’s with chinos or jeans. For example, here we have the combination of herringbone knitting and zip front pockets that is a casual approach for easy slip on.


New fabrications also enable this silhouette to be worn year round. Classic wool blazers are a given for winter, while linen is lightweight and breathable for summer. The colour spectrum has also immensely broadened for menswear, making salmon pinks a fresh and contemporary choice.



Blazers are a versatile staple to a gentleman’s wardrobe! Shop blazers here.