Our Story

We are Vaughan’s premier fashion brand.

Grafic Concept is an eclectic fashion brand and retailer that was founded in 2004, largely in response to the greater Toronto area’s lack of presence in men’s fashion. Following the first store’s overwhelming success, the Grafic brand expanded its horizons by opening Grafic Man in 2008 and Grafic Woman in 2011.

When you visit a Grafic store, you’ll not only find a wide range of designer apparel and accessories but you’ll also get one-on-one attention and fashion recommendations from one of Grafic’s friendly professionals. Today, the Grafic brand is responsible for much of the fashion coming out of Vaughan, spearheaded by the collective efforts of our three owners—Doriano, Fabio, and Gino.

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Doriano Di Carlo, co-founder and business expert, is a Vaughan native whose previous business experiences inspired what would ultimately become Grafic Concept. A fashion guru at heart, Doriano frequently travels to some of the world’s most renowned fashion hubs—such as New York, Paris, and Italy—to ensure that Grafic is always on the cutting edge of what the fashion industry is offering.

Fabio Sardellitti, co-founder and top stylist, has an extensive background in fashion retail that spans over 18 years. One of his primary focuses is customer service and it’s his passion for providing an unforgettable, personalized experience that has largely shaped the way Grafic interacts with its customers today.

Gino Rispoli, co-owner and operations manager, explored multiple industries before he finally discovered his talented eye and passion for fashion. One of the areas where Gino excels is in gathering inspiration from all types of media—from photos and blogs to friends and music—and finding a unique way to channel it in his work at Grafic.