5 Trends of 2017

2017 is looking to be another year of risks and adventure for the male fashionista. Last year lavish embroidery, bold motifs, and wild wild prints were dominating the runways. This year menswear will have to be more daring to stay on top of the game.


Statement Overcoats

Deviate from the classic black or camel overcoat with a bold colour or novelty print to make a statement. Think plaid or leopard, evergreen or mustard, and pair it with ripped jeans and sleek kicks for fashion forward style.


Once a small detail, socks are now making big statements. From the peek of crazy prints when paired with cropped pants, to calf high with wearing shorts, or casually with sweatpants and jeans tucked into them – socks can now define a look and character.

90s Inspired Sportswear

With the ever-increasing popularity of athleisure, a number of high fashion designers have partnered with iconic sportswear brands such as Reebok, Fila, and Champion. When only a couple years ago it would have been tacky to wear a full track suit, it’s now the look to rock.

Novelty Jeans

While clean wash denims are timeless, menswear has begun to explore the more adventurous side of denim. Dramatic bleaching, intense whiskers and fades, and heavy destruction will add a whole new edge to your street style.

The Relaxed Suit

To switch things up, it looks like the once fitted suit is starting to loosen up, even to the point of over sized. Deconstructed blazers have been well received, but what about the wide leg trousers designers are introducing?