Essential: Crewnecks

The new staple in a man’s closet is the lightweight knit crewneck sweater. Imagine a median between the basic long sleeve tee and heavy knit sweater.

Crafted from lightweight materials, like merino wool, these pieces ensure warmth without added weight. In comparison to the V-neck or mock neck, a crew neckline is basic and clean. It does not define the piece as a set style, allowing it to be by itself or paired, casual or dressier.

The simplicity makes this modernized essential a smart layering piece as it can pull over a collared shirt without being uncomfortably chunky or hot. For the same reasons, this piece hides well under a tailored blazer without taking away from the clean, refining look.

Update your core collection with a lightweight knit crewneck sweater for stylish versatility.


Mix these crewnecks into your next look.


K-Maniky Sweater - Diesel


Crewneck with Elbow Patch - John Varvatos Collection


Merino Freddo Light Knit Crewneck - Sand