Belstaff Film: Outlaws

Belstaff’s short film named Outlaws showcases their classic designs, and the kind of man it’s meant for. It is a surreal film within a film starring David Beckham as The Stranger – a mysterious drifter and motorcycle stuntman, haunted by memories of a beautiful trapeze artist and hunted by a maniacal director seeking revenge.

The Stranger is a man whose anonymity and bravery can upset the status quo, shift power and help inspire lost souls. We meet him where he feels most at home - on the road, and alone; lost in the dusty Mexican landscape and his memories. The Stranger isn't seeking danger, but when meeting a kindred spirit he'll do anything to help set it free -he knows that the toughest journeys are the most rewarding. He's a man who is used to relying on nothing more than his own wits and his motorcycle. 

David Beckham's smouldering good looks, prowess on a motorcycle and effortless charisma in front of the camera made him the natural choice to play The Stranger. Beckham's renown has transcended his world-class footballing career to include the entire arena of sport, and he is now a fashion and cultural icon - as comfortable in a Belstaff campaign shoot by Peter Lindbergh as he is representing Britain in its bids for the Olympic Games and the World Cup. As an emblem of contemporary, sensitive masculinity, Beckham has become a role model for men, children and businesspeople worldwide.

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