Go Long

Menswear has made leaps and bounds in the last several seasons in terms of exploring new materials, accepting bold prints, and expanding their silhouettes. Slim and tailored has been the default fit for it’s flattering finish. 

However, a major change on the streetswear front is taking place longer lines. Be it a simple t-shirt, knit cardigan, or even a light jacket, the elongated body is much more relaxed, creating a laidback, urban vibe. 


Some tips to ensure this trend is done right:

  1. It’s not go big or go home – There’s a fine line between a longer body and a larger body. Your shoulder seams should still sit squarely, and the sleeves shouldn’t be flowing.
  2. Taper down – Since your top is already dominating, balance out with skinny bottoms.
  3. Keep it simple – This is strictly a casual look. The uniqueness of the longer silhouette should not be overshadowed by a ton of layers.


The Double Scoop Sweater from Vitaly looks clean and simple, with a longer body and rounded hems for a contemporary profile.


This Fishtail Tee from Vitaly is business with a short front, and party in the back with a swooping tail.


This Robe Hood Sweat from Zanerobe exemplifies urban style with a classic hoodie silhouette elongated for more swag.


This Zanerobe Aten Bomber is a re-work of the classic short silhouette into long line while retaining the traditional details for an easy and effortless piece.



The simple t-shirt is a year round staple, but can also become stale when worn everyday. This new take is fresh and exciting, and while we don’t know how long this trend will carry on, for now it’s our staple.