The Kooples // The Couples

Despite the contradictory style of The Kooples, its success could have been foretold by looking at their origins. A family of fashion, the brand was founded by three French brothers – Alexandre, Laurent, and Raphael – who are the sons of Tony and Georgette Elicha, owners of the beautiful mother-daughter label Comptoir des Cotonniers.


The Kooples, the French pronunciation of the English word “couple,” features real life couples in their campaigns with their names and how long they’ve been together.

Following the idea of these couples borrowing each other’s style, their designs are highly unisex. Details that hint at Parisian prep with rocker grunge and modern hipster sets them apart from the crowd.

The brothers design their line with l'élégance savilienne — tailoring inspired by Savile Row. Whether it be timeless silhouettes or weekend-ready pieces from their Sport collection, the fit is impeccable and the quality is made to last.



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