A Minimal Statement

Recently the streets have been embracing minimalism. The defining look is a long line t-shirt over a pair of slim fit joggers and clean sneakers. But sometimes, simplicity can become boring. So how do you add a touch of style and flair while keeping to the minimalist code? The answer is Vitaly.

This accessory brand was founded by Shane Vitaly Foran while on a pilgrimage in Bali. He sketched his first piece there, a two-finger ring made from black wood, and several other designs that became explosively coveted by all his skateboarding, tattoo artist, and DJ friends in Toronto.


His accessories are unique in the industry with its architectural and contemporary design. The fluid, unisex concept is neither feminine nor masculine. Think angular shapes and distinctive motifs crafted from modern materials like stainless steel, titanium, ceramic, and tungsten. Mix and match shiny gold with antiqued silver and matte black for a luxurious, but not gaudy, addition to any simple outfit.


A single pendant will grab attention against a plain crewneck, a bold ring on the index finger is a conversation starter, and layers of bracelets have an urban edge. A minimal statement, there is never too little or too much.

Update your street style by shopping our Vitaly collection here.