Back to Basics

As men’s fashion becomes more adventurous and risqué, let’s take a moment to reflect on our basics. While a hot pink overcoat is sure to make a statement, you will need to balance it with something classic underneath to not look like a ridiculous mess. A simple white tee or a well-fitted Henley exudes serene confidence.


Take a look at your t-shirt collection. A classic cut fits smoothly along the shoulder, has sleeves that reach mid bicep, and finishes a couple inches below the waist.


A crewneck long sleeve tee should fit similar to your t-shirt. Take note to have sleeves that are too tight or too loose. The button placket of Henleys draws attention to the neck and collar for subtle style.



Additional basics that can layer and add dimension to your outfit include a sweatshirt or hoodie. While the original street style is loose fitting, keep it streamline instead for a more flattering finish. These silhouettes are casual but classic.



Naturally neutral tones offer the most versatility - white, black, beige, gray, navy. It’s worth having several of these options to create different pairings, such as lighter top with darker bottoms, darker top to balance vibrant coats.


While it’s easy to get swept away with the newest trend, we will always go back to basics. Refresh your collection here.