Introducing Denham's F/W 2016 Collection... The Sky's The Limit: Legend of the Indigo Squadrons.

In 1950 an entire Royal Air Force Squadron vanished in an indigo horizon while on training maneuvers. Years later the planes were discovered, embedded in the landscape in a remote wintry area along the Road of Bones. All evidence of the plane’s original occupants – the pilots, navigators and crew - had vanished. A local shaman had converted their vessels to objects of spiritual reflection for nearby tribes – decorated and embellished to glorify and ennoble what became the Legend of the Lost Squadron.

The F16 Collection began with a pilgrimage to the last ever occurrence of Europe’s largest military vintage event; The legendary War & Peace Revival Show.

The design team explored a dazzling array of vintage aircraft as well as air force related uniforms and materials. Inspiration came from the spirit of the story; The Legend of the Lost Squadron – but also from surprisingly modern design concepts and structural ideas hidden in and amongst this research.

New ideas emerged for the updating of classic garments like the UK Jump Parka, B9 Jacket and A2 Bomber as well as inspirations for large- rapport camo prints, parachute-inspired cut & sew constructions, military hardware specifications and morale expressions like “The Sky’s The Limit”. The atmosphere of the event was perfect for breathing new life into denim with its emphasis on air-mechanics, engine-work and the ubiquitous dungarees of military machinists. Fall jean washes include painted technique reminiscent of vehicle refurbishment.

The spirit of our Campaign Chino group also represented a strong current within the theme with its celebration of legion-green shades, camo and khaki.

The design team invited long-time friends and collaborators Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh of Art Comes First to add their twist to Denham Essential styles as the latest participants in our House Guest Artist tradition of special edition products. The A.C.F./HGA styles deepen the story with the slogan “AIM HIGH”.

The Denham design team dug into their F16 collection theme and discovered the diverse and surprising artistic world of military morale- patches. Regarded as “extra” elements of military uniforms, including pilot jackets, morale-patches are often hand-painted and represent a spirit of camaraderie outside the conventions of official government insignias. Sometimes sinister, sometime playful but always fascinating, Denham has created their own interpretations in a select series of pilot-jacket style patches, enamel pins and tee shirt graphics.


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