New Collection: KOLLAR

The Story

David Kollar, born in Slovakia arrived in Canada with his mother and sister
at a young age. In the early years, he started to become interested in streetwear by purchasing and selling exclusive products he bought online. Kollar had always had a keen eye for design and attention to detail. At the age of 16 he started his own t-shirt line, styling friends and becoming an aesthetic influencer among his peers. A small dream turned into his first men’s cut and sew collection; Kollar Clothing.

In 2013, David Kollar made his first trek to the Liberty Fashion and Lifestyle Fair in Las Vegas. Having launched his first Streetwear line earlier that year, Kollar was looking to make the transition from a small, regional player into an internationally distributed Fashion House. Kollar knew that if he wanted to grow the brand, he'd have to go big.

The trip to Vegas was a risk, as Kollar had sold all that he had to fund the venture. But within the span of three days, his gamble paid off. With 30 signed contracts, Kollar Clothing would now be sold internationally. With much interest in the collection, Kollar had a selective eye for which retailers he would allow to carry the brand, in turn keeping the name exclusive. Currently the brand is in 70 retailers across north america and is growing rapidly but still keeping it very exclusive and selective on who carries the brand. 

Within the next 3 years Kollar Clothing began being showcased in sold-out shows at Toronto Men’s Fashion Week, World MasterCard Fashion Week and was featured in media ranging from Espagne GQ to the Huffington Post to prime time American network television. The self-taught designer, who was inspired by his mother's talent as a seamstress and motivated by his desire to create great apparel, was rising to the top of the world of men's fashion. While Kollar's lines and influence grew, his focus remained the same: to create for the selective


“Kollar Clothing is an art form rather than a piece of cloth that is worn”

From design to conception a countless number of hours are spent perfecting the fit, detail and construction of each garment. This can be seen in the cut and sew construction of nearly every design which gives the product an unmistakable aesthetic. Our appeal lies within the delicate relationship between highly innovative designs executed in the most refined and simplistic means as possible.

Kollar Clothing only distributes the garments to handpicked boutiques with a strong sense of lifestyle, to keep the richness of the brand alive.

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