Short Style

Despite being an effortless silhouette, people seem to put a lot of effort into styling shorts. Understandably, you wouldn’t’ want to look like a school kid or a punk teen. However, with temperatures at 38C, shorts are definitely a good choice. As of recent seasons, shorts have appeared on the runway in more mature, wearable combinations. Here we have some tips on how to pull off shorts like a gentleman.

OCCASION: No matter how far along we’ve come with shorts, it is still not acceptable to conduct business or attend any formal events in them. They can be dressed up, but they are definitely casual wear.

FIT: Since we’re not all NBA stars, your shorts should not be past your knees or billowing from your legs. The current trend is cutting off around 2 or 3 inches above the knee, and better close than loose. A slimmer fit looks more streamlined and polished, and won’t make it seem like you have chicken legs.

STYLE: Any shirt will really go with shorts – tee, polo, Henley, muscle tank. Even long sleeves, like a chambray button up or lightweight linen sweater, will pair nicely and add a touch of sophistication. Only feature to possibly avoid is heavy graphics (not prints) as they take away from clean finish, and, instead, make it seem more casual and childish.

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