Tiger of Sweden Spring/Summer 2018

For Spring/Summer 2018, Tiger of Sweden Men keeps enhancing a long, slim silhouette with short jackets, slightly loose fitted trousers and snug double-breasted suits. The suiting is still based on traditional British tailoring with sharp shoulders, narrow waists and with the gorge laying high towards the neck to create a tall, proud torso which enhances the male figure. The trousers are higher and little bit wider for the perfect balance.
The inspiration for the Spring/Summer 2018 collection draws from the traditional Swedish summer where nature has its given place. The light that never goes out, the meadows filled with small flowers and the cold blue sea with old open-air baths; something that is shown in the colour palette with a base of earthy tones and different shades of blue together with a green, yellow and twinflower-pink from the Swedish flora. Structured fabrics in wool, cotton, linen and suede give the garments a living expression. Details are spun from old native Swedish craft tradition and take its place in hand-stitched hems and longer, layered shirts. The Swedish flora also comes to life in prints together with ethical patterns. To symbolize the warmth and multi-faceted ways of nature, the coloration of the collection plays an important part to bring a positive look at the future.
For the sharp core tailoring and dressed shirts, a lot of traditional menswear patterns appears as a contrast to the profile pieces; different kinds of checks and houndstooth fabrics, pinand banker-stripes and for the dress shirts contrast collars show up as a relic of the ‘80s”power suit” era.
“We’ve been inspired to create new ways of wearing the classic suit; updating classic traditions to create a more sporty, relaxed but well-dressed look. Important pieces such as a varsity jacket inspired blazer and a short utility blazer. We also have developed a technical fabric in wool that never wrinkles or creases, perfect for the ones who travels a lot or take the bike to work. We want to make the suit comfortable and wearable. Even if the look is sporty and relaxed or if it’s made from a technical wool fabric we still want it to look dapper.” says Andreas Gran, Tiger of Sweden Menswear Designer.
The sharp tailoring and the calm and romantic softness from the Swedish nature creates a clash and express something modern, sporty but yet sophisticated. Something Andreas himself would call “Swedish Preppy”.
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