Spotlight on Smythe

Launched in 2004 and made in Canada, Smythe is a novel yet versatile line of clothing. Their jackets and coats are inspired by traditional menswear details with modern and feminine tailoring for an iconic design. Playing on nostalgic colours, contemporary textures, and quirky prints updates these classic pieces. Their meticulous attention and artful creativity blends fashion and art.

The iconic silhouette of the brand is the blazer – tailored to be flattering and empowering on every figure. Ranging from a more formal look like this Wedding Blazer to this casual Tailored Blazer with Rust to a seasonal one like this Jade Hunting Jacket.


As an extension, their coats are just as sharp and chic. This Tailored Coat with Faux Fur features a timeless silhouette with trendy touches.


Smythe bottoms are few but fine through re-imagination of wardrobe staples. This Cirgarette Tuxedo Pant is subtly elevated with a tonal side stripe, and the choice of a bold emerald colour for this Lace Pencil Skirt adds eye-catching impact.