Smythe Spring '16 Collection

The Smythe Spring 2016 collection is here! 

The design duo Andrea Lenczner and Christie Smythe say they “don’t work from muses or cinematic inspiration; they’re motivated by textiles, nostalgia, details and fits that they know—from first-hand experience—work in the world.” 

Always, the integrity of their clothing is ensured with natural and organic materials crafted in Canada. The classic structure and meticulous tailoring are suitable for different women’s body types and lifestyles. 


For spring, Smythe blazers continue their success story through their iconic silhouettes – One Button, Duchess, Long Shawl, to name a few. 

Lightweight materials, like linen, are perfect for spring transitioning. For a fresh vibe, the brand decided upon numerous blue tones in a variety of print.


Of course, neutral tones that are good year round were subtly updated with fun lining or tonal prints.

Or opt to go bold with a solid eye-catching colour – whose eyes wouldn’t be drawn to a sharp red?


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