Pretty in PAIGE- Ways to Wear

Grafic woman always makes it a priority to support female owned brands. PAIGE is the only female founder in the denim industry. The brand offers more than just denim. PAIGE Infuses colourful spirit and chicness to every piece.
Polka-dot loving
Polka-dots and a blue jean never goes out of style. The tie-back is perfect for waist emphasizing in a pleasing way. 
Take your outfit from day-to-night
Play off the boho look with a flowy blouse trimmed with tassels. The best part about this look is you can wear it from city streets to country roads. 
The date night dress
Flattering and flirty, floral dresses are as easy as a spring breeze. A few ruffles makes it the ultimate feminine outfit. 
From sneakers to heels, from tees to sweaters this is a bonus trend for all. If you're looking for that chic on-the-run outfit we have the perfect put-together casual look for you.  


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