Ruffle Kerfuffle

What started as a flared peplum hem, introduced the bell sleeve drama, and exploded from head-to-toe. We're talking about ruffles, cascading off every inch of clothing possible on the runways of SS17.

The drama of ruffles is something everyone should embrace, as it can also be used to flatter your figure. Since it adds volume and draws attention, make sure it is place along a smaller, slimmer part of your body. Along the shoulders for someone with a smaller frame, along the sleeves for someone with a larger frame. Along the yoke for someone with a smaller chest, along the waist for someone with a larger chest. Along the hem of a skirt for subtle drama, along the front of a skirt for extra drama.


This dramatic detail is also a refining finish to any piece. It adds an elegant and feminine charm that may have otherwise been missing. A casual knit sweater with added ruffles is a little more sophisticated, while a crisp oxford button-up can appear less traditional and more chic. 

Lastly, with such an eye-catching touch to your outfit, it is important to not over embellish. The ruffles are meant to be the statement, the focal point of your look. Accentuate areas where the ruffles are not; if you have ruffles along the yoke, stick to stud earrings and skip the necklace. Minimal or simple jewelry is enough, if necessary at all. Try bold colours rather than bold pieces to layer on the drama, such as a red lip or an orange clutch.


 Time to add this dynamic trend to your summer wardrobe!